FOOD BANKS across Somerset will close for the Queen's funeral next week, it has been confirmed. 

The government announced that Monday, September 19, will be a national bank holiday so people and businesses can 'pay their respects' to the late sovereign.

But the Trussell Trust, a charity which operates food banks nationwide, said it offered outlets the choice of closing or remaining open.

Weston Food Bank, on North Street, along with Clevedon and Cheddar Valley Food Bank has now taken the decision to close their doors on Monday. 

But many have criticized the act of shutting people off from vital services such as food banks, saying it was 'poor choice' amid a cost-of-living crisis and soaring inflation.

Hospital appointments for Monday have also been cancelled, as well as theatre performances, and many supermarkets across the country will close.

Defending the decision, a spokesperson told the Independent: "Food banks are all independent, but we have emailed saying it is a bank holiday and they can decide what to do.

"It really depends on the local need on the ground, the volunteers will know if they are particularly quiet on a Monday, or if it is a busier day."