A WESTON beverage company has won an award for the best cold drink at a competition earlier this month. 

Drinks Kitchen, based at The Food Works on Haywood Village, scooped the gong for its non-alcoholic aperitif, Herb Verde.

The best cold drink award was given to founder Alli Briaris at the Taste of the West contest.

Drinks Kitchen also won a national Great Taste Award, and received a gold medal in the initial round of Taste of the West. 

"I am so pleased with the awards – it really does boost my confidence that I am making something really good and it’s a great way for potential business customers and consumers to trust a new brand," Alli said.

"I feel that there is a huge opportunity for just amazing tasting unique blends. They don't necessarily need to replicate alcohol as some consumers really don't like the taste of it."

Others in the winning range include Orange Cinchona, a bitter orange drink, and Herb Verde made of mint, rosemary and thyme.

Drinks can be purchased from Winscombe Wine Shop and Murrays Restaurant and Deli, in Clevedon, among others.