With travel restrictions easing across most of the globe, and confidence returning post pandemic, people are expanding their horizons and are once again on the move.

Whether due to work or to be closer to the grandchildren or just uprooting and going in search of a better life, UK residence are seeking a new life abroad. Moving across the world is no easy undertaking, but thankfully there’s 1st Move International to ensure that your precious possessions will be safely shipped from A to B.

1st Move are delighted to report that the numbers of enquiries they are receiving confirms that people are looking to relocate, with numbers building back to pre-pandemic levels, with Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA featuring as favourite destinations.

Among the prime reasons for relocating are:

  • New job
  • Job promotion
  • College
  • Closer to family
  • Retirement

Weston Mercury: 'We are the only moving company to palletise our client’s belongings''We are the only moving company to palletise our client’s belongings' (Image: 1st Move International)

Whatever your reason for upping sticks, with 25 years of experience behind them, 1st Move are experts in ensuring that your worldly possessions are shipped safely and quickly across the globe. In fact, the further away your destination, the more need you will have for the expertise and knowledge contained within the 1st Move team – they are the experts when it comes to shipping to countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA.

They particularly pride themselves on the speed at which they can deliver, using a simple but effective ‘pallet system’.

“Our business model differs from the majority of international removals companies,” said 1st Move's managing director, Mike Harvey. “We are the only moving company to palletise our client’s belongings and ensure that shipments meet the standards to be shipped alongside commercial goods.

Weston Mercury: 'We are able to ship goods faster than most of our competitors.''We are able to ship goods faster than most of our competitors.' (Image: Newsquest)

“This means that in most cases, we are able to ship out regularly and we never have to wait for containers to be full before sending them out.

“This gives us the edge in being able to ship our customers goods a lot faster than most of our competitors."

Depending on where you are moving to, 1st Move’s palletised system means you can be settled into your new home within weeks rather than months. We all know that the sooner we are surrounded by our personal possessions, the sooner we can settle in and enjoy our new life in a new country.

1st Move’s speed of delivery definitely helps with that all important acclimatisation process as you put down new roots in a new country.

For further information:

Tel: 0800 389 0784 or 0117 982 8123

Email: info@shipit.co.uk

Web: shipit.co.uk