ALL know Weston is home to demons galore, but just how many phantoms continue to call our streets home?

This Hallowe'en, apparitions are set to menace for another night of wicked games where witches and their familiar will cook children, dance with Satan and plot the doom of mortals around their cauldrons.

Our area was recently classified as the 'most spooky' region of the UK, with more than 2,000 sightings of headless ghosts, fairies, and the Devil Beelzebub himself. 

Here's a complete list of the most haunted places in Weston and beyond...

P.C Pavey

Along the hillside in old Weston is a small ornamental reminder of the splendid mansion which once dominated the grounds of Shrubbery Estate.

Weston Mercury: Photo of Shrubbery footbridge taken by Paul Cousins.Photo of Shrubbery footbridge taken by Paul Cousins. (Image: (c) copyright

Known today as the footbridge in Shrubbery Road, it was once part of a Victorian Italianate mansion, ornately built in pink limestone. 

Constructed in 1847, Villa Rosa once housed a private zoo and the animals were kept in underground caverns, but two post-war tower blocks now stand in its stead. 

Another, more tragic, act unfolded in October of 1861 however when local policeman Alfred Pavey was murdered attempting to arrest two burglars at the estate. 

PC Pavey was badly injured during the attack and later died of his injuries. He is now said to haunt the footbridge, still keeping a watchful eye on his beat. 

The former Weston Mercury office

In 2014, a team of ghost hunters believed they found a spectre haunting the iconic 137-year-old building in Waterloo Street.

The paranormal investigators claimed they made contact with a former clergyman who killed himself after he was caught in an illicit relationship. The priest is now said to haunt Mercury Towers.

Weston Mercury: The Weston Mecury building won first prize in the towns 1897 Jubilee illuminations.The Weston Mecury building won first prize in the towns 1897 Jubilee illuminations. (Image: Archant)

A further such tale, told to Mercury newcomers, tells the story of a small boy who died in the building. He now roams the tower in a futile search for his mother. 

Weston Town Council - the building's new owners - must now keep a watchful eye for any municipal ghosts intending to amend 'ghoulish' legislation...

Aleister Crowley and the Duke Of Oxford pub

Legend has it that Weston was once home to a secret occult where members of high society took part in sadistic rituals and witchcraft in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

In 1888, followers used the octagonal cellar of the now Duke of Oxford pub to contact the spirit world.

At the turn of the 20th century, Golden Dawn was well established in aristocratic life and is now famed as 'the single greatest influence' on modern magic such as Wicca. 

There is a belief among locals - though hotly disputed - that 'the wickedest man in the world' Aleister Crowley used Weston as a hub due to ley lines that cross the town between sacred sites throughout the world.

The Mercury's first owner, Mr James Dare, is also said to have joined Golden Dawn.

Aleister was a writer, occultist, and hedonist known for practicing magick and even started his own abbey in 1920, where he and others performed sex magic and created art.

He is also well known for creating the most popular Tarot decks in the world from his works in The Book of Thoth.

A curse is said to have been placed on Weston by Aleister which commands those here to never leave. He supposedly bought properties in town that formed the shape of a Pentagram from above too.

The murder of Helen Fleet

On March 28, 1987, a 66-year-old widow set off to walk her two dogs in Worlebury Woods. She was last seen alive at around 10.45 that morning before her body was discovered by a passer-by. 

Ms Fleet was found to have been repeatedly stabbed, beaten and strangled near the water tower. 

Weston Mercury: Helen Fleet and her two dogs.Helen Fleet and her two dogs. (Image: Avon and Somerset Constabulary)

Police believe her killer struck at 12.20pm, the time two people also walking in the woods heard a single scream. 

Although a large police investigation, documentaries and a BBC Crimewatch appeal was made to catch the assailant, Helen Fleet's murderer still remains at large more than 35 years on. 

In 2017, investigators issued a renewed appeal for information and officers said they believed the key to solving the crime may still lie in Weston.

Weston Museum

With the help of a Ouija board on Hallowe'en night in 2017, a ghost hunter group revealed the old gasworks building in Burlington Street is host to two spirits.

Paranormal investigators made contact with a Second World War soldier and a 12-year-old boy named Peter at the museum.

The Wedmore doctor

Further afield, a quaint village is said to be haunted by the old doctor who treated patients more than 300 years ago. 

Dr John Westover died in 1706 but still roams Wedmore and allegedly appears in the doorway of his home in West End.

King John’s Hunting Lodge

Weston Mercury: King John's Hunting Lodge, Axbridge. King John's Hunting Lodge, Axbridge. (Image: Archant)

A tabby cat is believed to haunt a 600-year-old lodge in Axbridge.

It was first seen roaming around the museum in the 1970s and has been spotted by numerous people in different rooms of the building.