GUIDE dogs are being used to help visually impaired people enjoy See Monster as the charity pilots a new scheme to make exhibits more accessible. 

In a bid to make the 33metre high attraction enjoyable for those with sight loss, the charity group Guide Dogs has helped to use animals for use on the structure. 

Volunteers on See Monster have also benefited from training to teach people how to guide someone with a visual impairment. 

Angela Charles visited the installation with her guide dog last month. She said: “The staff were lovely, especially Claire who came up to see if my guide dog Flynn needed anything and brought us some water. I really enjoyed visiting the attraction.”

Danielle Fletcher, of the charity, said: “We are proud to provide training for See Monster staff on sight loss awareness and sighted guiding.

“It has been brilliant working with staff and volunteers from different departments who are all very devoted to making the attraction more inclusive to visitors with sight loss.”

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