YOUNG Somerset are supporting the Pride of Somerset Youth Awards this year, which recognises young people in the region for their acts of resilience, kindness, community spirit and more.

The charity prides itself on being the largest of its kind in the region. As explained on the Young Somerset website, the organisation delivers services that are aligned to statutory provision and that enrich and support young people's lives.

This includes young peoples' personal, social, economic or educational development.

Young Somerset have been working with young people since 1997, meaning that the charity has worked towards making Somerset a better place for the next generation for 26 years.

A spokesperson from Young Somerset said: "Young Somerset are proud to be supporting young people and championing young people.

"Young people really are an inspiration for me. We are  privileged to support the awards event."

The charity helps Taunton people gain employability skills in their Bold & Brave store, which is located on 14 Riverside Place.

Representatives from the charity will be presenting at the Somerset Youth Awards ceremony, which will be held on May 11 at the Taunton campus of Taunton and Bridgwater College.

May 11 also happens to be Somerset Day, which aims to celebrate all that is good in Somerset. As explained on the Somerset Day website, the annual event is inspired by Alfred the Great’s call to arms and the gathering of ‘all the people of Somerset’ to march against the invading Viking army.

Although residents no longer have to fight a battle, organisers of the event still encourage locals to feel inspired by their businesses and local communities.

Those that have won will be presented with an award certificate on the night. There is a limit of 10 winners, one of which will be a winner of the Sandy Padgett award.

This special award is given in honour of Superintendent Sandy Padgett, who was instrumental in creating these awards alongside the Rotary Club and Gazette, but who tragically died before she was able to see the legacy of her commitment.

There are a wide range of different categories included, such as enterprise, charitable giving, sport and more. There can be more than one winner chosen from each category.