THE great-grandson of an aviation pioneer has met the oldest Concorde worker aged 103 - to show him a new documentary about the famous plane.

Sir George White chatted with Weston man Robert Angles, who became the first member of the public to see the new film about Concorde.

Sir George is the great grandson of Sir George White, a British aviation entrepreneur who created the world’s largest single aircraft manufacturing site.

It later became the Bristol Aeroplane Company where Robert spent 37 years working, including time on the Concorde project.

Sir George showed him clips from the new film 'Concorde – First To Last'.

It covers the whole history of the project from the design stage through to the last flight and Alpha Foxtrot’s installation into her hangar at Aerospace Bristol.

The film includes rare archive footage and interviews with designers, test pilots and British Airways pilots and shop floor workers.

Robert said: "There were a lot of people involved with Concorde. It was interesting.

''I'm proud to meet Sir George today, I used to see his parents and grandparents.''

Sir George added: The documentary is the definitive story about Concorde.

''It was only people such as Robert who made the building of Concorde possible.

''Concorde was a truly Bristol product and was so utterly beautiful. No one has succeeded in doing that again. Concorde worked.”

The film will be available later in the year in time to tie in with the 20th anniversary in November of Concorde’s last flight.

The film has been sponsored by ten members of the Bristol Aero Collection Trust, including Sir George