A WESTON couple have said that they have had "nothing but problems" with a local social housing provider.

Claire Warren, who lives with her husband James in a house in Weston, said: "We've had Stonewater for seven years and have had nothing but issues.

"We lived in a property of theirs in Bristol for four years which was damp, mouldy, and had water running down the walls and had distemper in the property.

"This soon made our son poorly and gave him a lifelong condition of a rare form of dermatitis.

"We had no heating or hot water for four months, repairs weren't fixed either."

Claire shared some photos of the mould at the Bristol property, which she says has caused her son's illness.

Weston Mercury: Mould in Bristol property.Mould in Bristol property. (Image: Claire Warren)

Weston Mercury: Mould in Bristol property.Mould in Bristol property. (Image: Claire Warren)

Claire continues: "After four years they moved us to another property here in Weston, they called it a management move.

"We weren't allowed to view the property, we just had to sign the tenancy agreement and collect the keys, the first time we saw it was the day we moved in.

"We pay Stonewater £35 a month to clear out rubbish, cut the grass and bushes etc which they do not do at all. They are charging 40 houses on our estate the same amount and not doing what we pay for.

"We've had nothing but problems and issues with Stonewater, even in this property as well."

A spokesperson from Stonewater said: “Mr and Mrs Warren requested a move from Bristol, which we arranged through our ‘management move’ process. Full details and images of the offered home are always provided, along with a viewing invitation, to allow customers to decide whether to accept the tenancy or not – it’s always their choice.

"We can see nothing on our records to indicate this wasn’t the case here and that the tenancy agreement was signed on January 22, 2021.

“During the two years Mr and Mrs Warren have been in their present home, we’ve responded to a number of repair requests, which have all been completed within the required timescales

"There are no outstanding repairs currently on our system.

"We’re happy to arrange a visit by one of our surveyors to understand what concerns the couple have."

Stonewater have also said that, since there is such a demand on social housing, they usually expect customers to sign the tenancy agreement on the same day as the viewing. However, they said this isn't mandatory. Stonewater have also claimed they have received no evidence to link between their houses and the son's dermatitis.