AVON Fire and Rescue Service are urging people to be careful around bodies of water in honour of World Drowning Prevention Day.

The fire service notes that over 60% of accidental drownings in England occurred in lakes, ponds, and rivers in 2022.

Ben Thompson, temporary group manager for Prevention and Protection said: “We want you to relish your summer days without any untoward incidents. By remaining prepared, understanding the risks, and being aware of emergency protocols, you can actively contribute to a safer water environment.

"If you’re in or around water, take precautions and note the hidden dangers such as current, sharp rocks and cold-water shock. If someone gets into difficulty in the water, call 999 immediately.

"You can encourage them to ‘float to live’ by extending out their arms and legs. This will help them slow their breathing and resist the urge to panic.  It’s also a good idea to throw them something that can help them such as a throwline or floatation aid.”