OVER the past few weeks, Weston residents have been dwelling on the past in the We Grew Up In Weston-super-Mare Facebook group.

Here are some of the highlights.

Weston Mercury: Winterstoke Secondary School, 1962.Winterstoke Secondary School, 1962. (Image: Dith Jones/We Grew Up In Weston-super-Mare)

Weston Mercury: The hotel has a rich history.The hotel has a rich history. (Image: David Andrews/Weston Library, We Grew Up In Weston-super-Mare)

Speaking about the hotel, one person commented: "This was the hotel in the 60s. The Beatles, etc stayed here. Special Hot or Cold Seawater Baths. What? Yuk!

"There was a good selection of popular pubs here. It must have been a welcome sight for all those on the Sunday Booze Cruise Steamers from Wales as the pubs by law were not allowed to open on Sundays for many years."

One resident added: "I feel almost to old for this site!

"Born in Allendale on seafront, went to Corpus Christi school 1948 to 1953 then Walliscote."

Weston Mercury: There are plenty of school photos in the group.There are plenty of school photos in the group. (Image: David Andrews/We Grew Up In Weston-super-Mare)

Another resident said that they still meet up with their old school buddies: "I grew up in Weston-super-Mare and went to Winterstoke School.

"We all meet up regularly for coffee and laughter, every year we go for a Christmas Meal and music, we have great fun. No one has changed since our school day, we all get on really well. True Westonians, where every one knew everyone."

Weston Mercury: Many residents still keep in touch with their school friends.Many residents still keep in touch with their school friends. (Image: Pam Edwards/We Grew Up In Weston-super-Mare)