NORTH Somerset Council have secured a new bus route following feedback from Weston residents.

The new number 10 bus will pick up locals from Hutton, Uphill Village, and into Weston via the seafront.

This will come into effect from September 3.

Posting on Facebook, cllr Mike Bell said: "Following feedback from bus users, the team at North Somerset Council have been able to secure a new supported bus route that picks up Hutton, Uphill village, and into Weston via the seafront.

"The timetable is below and this new number 10 service should start on September 3, in line with other service changes planned by commercial operators.

"This provides five return trips on weekdays and extra links to the hospital.

"We have introduced this service as we have listened to feedback about services for Hutton and Uphill and are currently not able to secure an operator for the replacement cross border 126 service, which we are working on with Somerset Council.

"We’ll keep working on that.

"We’re still trying to get changes so Bleadon can be better served, though Bleadon, Hutton and Uphill all also have access to the WestLINK service:"


Other changes from September 3 to keep an eye out for


New daytime 6 service

The new 6 service will replace the 3 service (Worle to Weston). The new route will create links between Upper Bristol Road, Worle, Mead Vale and Weston.

51 service

The 51 service between Weston and Wrington will become the new 125 service and, instead of travelling through Locking Parklands, which will be served by the 7 service (Worle and Haywood Village), it will travel through Locking Village, and also serve the Flowerdown Retail Park.

Open-top 1 and 20 service

As has happened previously, the frequency of the open-top 1 and 20 bus services will reduce from the start of the school term from 30 minutes to hourly.

The open-top 1 goes towards Sand Bay, whilst the 20 goes towards Brean.

X5 service

The council are hoping to re-route the X5 service between Weston and Clevedon to include more nearby villages; an extension to the 7 service between Worle and Haywood Village; and improvements to the frequency of the X4 service between Bristol and Portishead as part of the council’s procurement process.

People needing to use public transport in Worlebury can still use the WESTlink service, since they will no longer have a scheduled bus service.