Wellness experts UK Saunas have conducted a new study to rank seaside towns in Britain according to the level of wellbeing and relaxation afforded to the local population.

UK Saunas gathered the names and total population of all seaside towns and villages in the UK.

Using the government’s Health Index relating to peace and relaxation, they assessed access to green spaces and services, levels of crime and mental health rates, along with the number of hotels and spas* per capita in each town.

Based on this criteria, the UK’s top-ten most peaceful seaside towns and villages were found to be:

  1. Blackpool
  2. Bournemouth
  3. Scarborough
  4. Newquay
  5. Weymouth
  6. Falmouth, Cornwall
  7. Weston-super-Mare
  8. Brighton
  9. Llandudno
  10. Bridlington                                                                  

UK Saunas affirm that holidays reduce the stress associated with depression and anxiety, and enable holidaymakers to focus on their own wellbeing and enjoyment of life,

They notice marked improvements to mental health, fertility, weight management and accompanying health risks. 

A wellness expert from UK Saunas explained how, with over half the adult population in the UK “feeling deprived of a holiday due to the cost of living, a trip to the seaside is an affordable opportunity for much-needed rest and relaxation.”

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