IN 2001, the cast of Only Fools and Horses visited Weston to film their Christmas Special.

A photo of David Jason (Del Boy) standing with his fictional family on Woodland Road was captured and shared in the We Grew Up In Weston-super-Mare Facebook page.

Fans of the TV sitcom may recognise the scene. The family try to attend Uncle Albert's funeral - but soon find they are at the wrong one.

It seems that some Weston residents remember this well. One commenter said: "Lots of us were asked to be extras as they walked past Londis but then the scene wasn’t used."

Another added: "I watched them film this, we were doing something with the college and they kept putting us off."

One resident concluded: "I lived in Elmsleigh road and got told off by the film crew for taking flash camera pictures when they drove to the wake in the green Ford Capri with Del, Cassandra, and Rodney in the car, they had to do a second take.

"I was not popular."