A WESTON-based photography and videography company will be capturing the stories of war veterans in their upcoming Lasting Legacies event.

The free to attend event, organised by Weathered Oak, will take place at The Blitz Tearoom on Waterloo Street from 11.30am on Sunday, November 12.

The tearoom is 1940's themed, complete with music from the time and war memorabilia.

Veterans are encouraged to come along and share their experiences over tea and cake. This will be captured on film and the footage will be shared with them and the BBC.

The event is in support of the BBC's 'We Were There' campaign, which aims to capture the experiences of veterans. This is to ensure that their sacrifices aren't forgotten and that future generations can learn more about past conflicts.

Speaking further about the event, Abi, admin manager at Weathered Oak, said: "My husband Dan is our videographer and he’s always had a huge soft spot for WW2 veterans (as do I).

Weston Mercury: The event is free to attend.The event is free to attend. (Image: Weathered Oak)

"Dan is ex emergency services dispatcher for both police and ambulance so very supportive of anyone doing their bit.

"We have been inspired by the BBC's recent drive to capture the last stories of the dwindling WW2 veterans on film before they all leave us forever. We also thought what better place to do this than The Blitz Café!

"Dan also has an idea to expand our business into something we are calling lasting legacies, which is a service to capture life stories on film - and that’s anyone who has a story to tell.

"But we wanted to start with the veterans, both my grandfathers served in the RAF and Royal Marines respectively and Dan’s family also in the RAF and Army."

There will be fundraising pots available on the day to make any donations, the proceeds of which will be given to the Royal British Legion and Help for Heroes.

The Help for Heroes website reads: "In the UK today veterans and their families are struggling with painful injuries, mental trauma, loneliness, isolation, sleepless nights, disability, inaccessible homes, and poverty.    

"This is the Veterans War.  

"It’s a war forgotten by many. But not by us.   

"Our mission is to ensure that everyone in the UK Armed Forces community lives well after service, and no one is left behind in the Veterans War."