TWO police community support officers (PCSOs) visited Ashcombe Primary School after receiving a request from staff members and parents.

PCSOs Mike and Beata issued one ticket for a car that was found to be blocking the pavement. 

A Weston and Worle Neighbourhood Policing spokesperson said: "Following request from staff and parents, PCSOs Mike and Beata from Worle Villages Neighbourhood team have been to Ashcombe primary school to manage the parking issues around school drop off time. 

"We've had to issue a ticket to one vehicle which was completely blocking the pavement.

"Please park safely, responsibly and legally when dropping off or picking up at school times."

The primary school has also installed a new electronic signing in and signing out system, which can be operated by a touch screen. 

Ashcombe Primary School posted on Facebook: "We have installed a new electronic signing in and signing out system.

"If your child is late into school or you are collecting early due to sickness or an appointment, please come to the school office to sign in or sign out."