Weston Rotary Club members have received warm responses from their new friends across the globe after nominating specific clubs that have a special meaning to them being named.

Usually at the end of meetings Rotarians toast fellow members with ‘Rotary Around The World’.

But Weston Rotary took this one step further and have contacted clubs prior to the toast by telling them that they will be doing this and was met positively.

On a trip a few members from Weston Rotary unexpectedly bumped into a group of Rotarians in Budapest, who happened to belong to the only English speaking club in Hungary.

Because of this, the Hungarians were able to share the news that they have just provided sponsorship for a school in Budapest providing education for 170 children displaced from Ukraine.

In partnership with other Rotary Clubs they are hoping to increase that number to 700 as the current number of displaced children living in Budapest exceeds 10,000.

Since then Weston Rotary have connected, via Zoom, hoping to work together on future projects and the next final toast will include Budapest City Rotary Club.