IN 2018, a Portishead town councillor helped to find the family of a Hull soldier who did not know he was buried in Somerset.

Bob Cartwright discovered the grave of corporal Goffton Cyril Bull after visiting the cemetery, in Clevedon Road, in November 2018.

The Independent councillor cleaned the grave after noticing it was covered in leaves and was leaned over.

Shortly after, he created a post on Facebook about the soldier which caught Nic Tompkin's attention.

The pair worked together to find information about the corporal and discovered he was from Hull.

A letter sent to in a local paper in an East Yorkshire town led them to meet his granddaughter Suzanne Walkington.

Suzanne, who was 50 at the time, said since his death all the family knew was Goffton was "found on the rocks."

Speaking at the time, she said: "I had to do this visit for my mum.

Weston Mercury: Suzanne paid a visit to the Commonwealth War Graves.Suzanne paid a visit to the Commonwealth War Graves. (Image: NQ archives)

"My mother Gertrude was born in 1939 so she barely knew him.

"We were told he died and was found on the rocks but as a family we knew nothing else.

"I felt touched and emotional when we were leaving Portishead to go back home, it was like my husband and I were leaving something behind.

"My grandmother had left me the locket with his picture in when she died and I had always kept it.

"I had almost forgotten about it until I got asked if I had any pictures of him by Bob and Nic.

"Ever since the visit, I have found out from the Hull history centre Goffton's parents name and that he was awarded two medals which I'm looking to retrieve."

Corporal Bull was born in 1903 and he started his career in 1924 when he joined the Royal Artillery.

He married Jessie Maud Moore in 1931 and they had two daughters - Barbara and Gertrude.

Corporal Bull drowned along with two other men, according to an inquest reported in the paper in 1941. His body was found eight days later.

Weston Mercury: Corporal Bull drowned in 1941.Corporal Bull drowned in 1941. (Image: NQ archives)

Bob said: "Learning about corporal Bull has been such an inspiration.

"When we got hold of his war documents we didn't have pictures but Suzanne was able to provide some.

"Maybe next year we'll visit where his body was found."