A TRAILER being towed by a tractor has overturned on the Ebdon Road roundabout.

The incident was reported to the Weston Mercury at around 12pm today (Tuesday, October 3).
Weston Mercury: It is unclear what happened.It is unclear what happened. (Image: Resident)Weston Mercury: The accident has caused quite a mess.The accident has caused quite a mess. (Image: Resident)

This isn't the first accident to take place on this road. Around a month ago, a beloved cat, called Fernley, got hit by a speeding driver, leaving the local community in outrage.

An action group was started to target speeding along the Queensway.

Weston Mercury: There have been concerns surrounding speeding on this road.There have been concerns surrounding speeding on this road. (Image: Resident)

When asked what he is doing to tackle speeding, Marc Aplin, councillor for North Worle, said: "I've spoken to residents and joined their action group. As a first step, I've written to the council's senior engineer asking for ideas and direction in terms of what would be possible on the Queensway.

"The idea would be to stop the dangerous driving and noise we're experiencing, especially late at night, without adding congestion for commuters."

Weston Mercury: Police attended the scene.Police attended the scene. (Image: Resident)

It has been reported that police attended the scene, but didn't provide a comment when contacted.