WESTON'S RNLI team were called out over the weekend after an inflatable kayak with three people aboard was seen "blowing out to sea."

The incident took place on Saturday, October 7. 

Posting on Facebook, a spokesperson from Weston's RNLI team said: "At 4pm on Saturday, following a report from the Beach Rangers to the Coastguard, our D class charity lifeboat was launched from a low water point.

"The report was that an inflatable kayak with three people aboard had been seen some way out in the water near Royal Sands, potentially blowing out to sea.

"When the lifeboat reached the reported location, nothing was visible. A strong setting sun didn't help efforts to spot the vessel from the Promenade or the water.

"Thankfully, Burnham Coastguard Rescue Team, who had deployed to Brean Down to assist, were able to spot the casualty vessel and reported it as being much further out toward the end of Brean Down.

"Proceeding to the new location, the crew discovered three adults in an inflatable kayak approx three miles offshore.

"The casualties, visiting the area, were unaware of the danger they were in and said they had been attempting to reach Steep Holm, not realising how far it was from the shore.

"The vessel was half full of water and, caught in the ebbing tidal current, were unable to make any headway back to shore.

"The casualties were rescued and taken to Anchor Head where they were passed into the care of the Weston Coastguard Rescue Team.

"The lifeboat returned to station where the crew refuelled, and readied her for service again by 5.45pm.

"This was a great multi-agency response, from the initial danger being recognised by the Beach Rangers, the assistance of the Weston and Burnham Coastguard Rescue teams, and of course our own RNLI volunteer shore and boat crew effecting the rescue.

"Remember, if you see anyone you believe to be in danger in the water, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

"If you are taking a vessel into the water, ensure it is suitable for the conditions, in good working order, and that you are wearing safety equipment and have a way to summon help in an emergency."