HOW was your weekend?

Mine was spent getting covered in bodily fluids and none in a good way.

Friday was The Hangar's social event, I made a cake. I fully intended on getting involved in the workout and getting into the ice bath and having a good ‘ol time.

But my youngest was poorly. Really poorly. He had a temperature of 41.5 and was coughing and splattering everywhere. So he stayed home with my husband and my eldest came with me.

I was rushing around and so did not have time to get clothes ready which meant I could not partake in all the fun. So instead, I spent my time holding the knife that cut the cake looking like Michael Myers in the corner.

Oh yes, and calling my son because he kept running off and not listening, he left his listening ears at home. It was because he wasn’t listening to me for the millionth time that I said we’d go home.

He drank a whole bottle of water in one go and then started screaming because his belly was hurting and proceeded to projectile vomit all over himself and me with my boss looking on. Luckily he is an amazing human, not phased by it and said he’d clear it up!

Over the weekend my youngest was worse. So I took my eldest to a birthday party at the Campus, he was so hot he was covered in sweat and covered me in it as well for good measure.

That night, putting my youngest to sleep, he was getting better but something must have just caught his throat because he woke up and also projectile vomited all over me and my cream carpet.

My husband, bless him, tried to help but he has a delicate stomach and was heaving at the stink, earlier in the day my youngest also had two very runny nappies for which my husband stuck his nose close to be sure it was him. It was.

He had to go outside for fresh air with my youngest searching for him and repeating what I was saying in a high pitched voice ‘why would you do that?!’ What remains now is phlegm build up coming out from coughing, snot everywhere and wasted food.

What I have enjoyed, though, are the extra cuddles. My eldest was off school and my youngest went to pre school as he was better, the cuddles I had with my eldest were absolutely delightful.

I miss him. Whenever both boys are together it’s chaos and they’re forever at each others throats so I rarely get to enjoy good quality cuddles with him.

I feel like I don’t get to enjoy him or that I didn’t make the most of it when it was just us, before his brother came along.

I hate it when they argue, it hurts my soul. I love my boys so much. Time goes far too quickly and I wish I could freeze time.

I think people are right, when they are grown and no longer need me, I will miss the vomit! 

Jolene Wilson, Weston Mum.