WESTON residents have been sharing their memories of Mr B's nightclub in the early 1980's in the We Grew Up In Weston-super-Mare Facebook page.

It seems that the former nightclub was a firm favourite amongst partygoers in the town.

Commenting underneath a post about the venue, one local said: "Barley wine, getting in for a quid and dancing round our handbags...happy days."

Another added: "20p a shot on Thursday nights if I remember rightly? And work the next day!"

Echoing this sentiment, one commenter said: "The best nights were in there, especially Sundays, £1 a pint and spin the wheel for different drink promotions, could go out with fiver and get drunk."

Adding to this, a former Mr B's regular added: "If you remember anything from Mr B's in the 80s, you weren't really there."

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