WESTON locals have been discussing their memories of the town's former Woolworths store.

The popular department store sold everything from CDs to kitchen supplies to clothing.

It seems that many in the coastal town have fond memories of the shop.

Commenting under a Woolworths photo in the We Grew Up In Weston-super-Mare Facebook group, one person said: "Bought my first vinyl record there. Franke Vaughan, Green Door released in 1956. Happy days."

Another music enthusiast said: "Used to buy 45 rpm music records on the embassy label from here.

"They were copies of the latest pop hits of the day but cheaper - but not by the original artists. Only available at Woolworths I believe."

Many remember working at the store. One former employee said: "I worked upstairs in the office for about a year in 1971 where we counted the money from the tills after going around the store collecting it in leather bags.

"I used to sit by that window on the right looking out onto the High Street."

Another added: "I worked there at 14 years of age! It was my first job. Really loved selling all the different sorts of sweets! Always loved the shop."

Echoing this, a commenter said: "I worked in Woolworths in 1956, Saturday afternoon 1.30pm until 5.30pm, I was paid five shillings."

Someone else commented: "A wonderful wonderful Woolworths….sold ALL sorts of stuff as well as lovely treats….ahhhhhhh, those were the days."

Someone even remembers the smells associated with the store: "I will always remember the smell of the peanuts roasting which were still warm when you bought them. A rare treat for me when growing up."

One local said that they preferred how Weston used to be when Woolworths was around: "I worked in Littlewoods next door and used to go into Woolworths for the pick and mix, though I was on the sweet counter in there.

"DIY, wool, household goodies etc.

"The High Street in our day was absolutely busy, crowded, there was so many different shops to go into. You had a variety, including Dolphin Square. Weston is a joke now."