A SELF-EMPLOYED gardener has been found guilty of intentionally causing harassment, alarm, or distress to two female motorists after going out dressed in an all-black gimp suit, PA's Rod Minchin reports.

Joshua Hunt, 32, was found guilty by a district judge of two offences under the Public Order Act following a trial at Bristol Magistrates’ Court.

Weston Mercury: Some of the masks and clothing recovered from Hunt’s van and homeSome of the masks and clothing recovered from Hunt’s van and home (Image: Avon and Somerset Police)

He was fined £100 and ordered to pay £200 compensation to each of his victims and £620 prosecution costs.

The court heard female motorists were left terrified – with one fearing they might be abducted – after seeing Hunt in his black skin-tight outfit.

District Judge Joanna Dickens said she accepted Hunt had already spent a month on remand in prison prior to his trial and that was a bigger punishment than any sentence she could impose.

“I accept that you have already received punishment and spent time in prison and lost your good character in a very public way and no doubt affecting you for the remainder of your life,” she said.

Hunt is currently the subject of an interim Sexual Risk Order that bans him from wearing a mask or possessing one in a public place and wearing black all-in-one clothing at night in public.

He also must not “crawl, wriggle or writhe on the ground wearing a full-body covering or mask” or visit the areas the offences took place.

The order will be reviewed by a court on November 3.

Chief Inspector Jonny Murray, policing commander for North Somerset, said: “The masks worn by Joshua Hunt, which were made out of tights and had faces drawn on them, terrified the people he jumped out on.

“His actions were alarming and caused others to genuinely fear for their safety.

“Behaviour of this kind is completely unacceptable and I hope the criminal charges and civil proceedings we’ve instigated reassure people we will not tolerate offending of this kind.”