SELLING your home in Clevedon, Cheddar and Weston-super-Mare could take over 100 days, new figures show.

Property Solver's speed of sale tool has revealed that it’s taking an average of 18.22 weeks to sell a property with a Bristol postcode.

The latest dataset analysed over 1,403 property sales across the region between October 2022 and October 2023.

In Cheddar, it took an average of 142 days to sell a house in the BS27 postcode from a sample of 23 properties. 

Meanwhile, in Weston's BS24 postcode, it took 132 days to sell, taken from a sample of 34 properties.

However, in Weston's BS22 and BS23 postcodes, houses were sold in 122 days.

In Clevedon's BS21 postcode, houses took an average number of 133 days to sell, taken from a sample of 78 properties.

Ruban Selvanayagam of Property Solvers said: “The property market is certainly in a different place relative to a couple of years ago. The continued pressures on the mortgage sector and buyers ability to secure the right kind of finance has resulted in delays with sales completing."