IT has been six years since a young swan was saved by Secret World Wildlife Rescue after its family was killed in a road accident.

Solo the cygnet was one of five swans to be hit by a passing lorry while attempting to land in the Huntspill River in 2017.

The two adult swans were killed immediately while one cygnet died as police were trying to rescue it.

Of the two surviving cygnets taken to a veterinary hospital in Bridgwater, only Solo was able to continue his recovery at Secret World in East Huntspill.

Once recovered, he was taken to his new home on the Huntspill River along with two other cygnets, where they joined a large new flock.

Speaking at the time, Laura Benfield, head of animal care services at Secret World, said: “We always aim to return animals back to where they have come from but Solo, being on his own, has gone with his new friends Grace and Drift to Somerset Moors.”

The charity works day in, day out to help sick, injured and abandoned animals. This includes everything from foxes to badgers to birds, hedgehogs and more.

They don't receive any government funding and rely totally on the generosity of the public to continue their vital work in protecting Britain's wildlife.