PARTS of Weston's Bournville Road are set to be periodically closed for resurfacing works and drainage maintenance.

The closures, which will start next Monday (November 13), will be in place from 8am until 5pm, excluding the weekends.

Posting on Facebook, a spokesperson from the North Somerset Travel and Roads team said: "We would like to inform you that we will soon be carrying out carriageway and footway resurfacing works and drainage maintenance on Bournville Road.

Footway works

"13/11/2023 – 17/11/2023: From the junction of Amberey Road to the junction of Stradling Avenue.

"20/11/2023 - 24/11/2023: From the junction of Stradling Avenue to the junction of Waverley.

"27/11/2023 – 01/12/2023: From the junction of Waverley Road to the end of Bournville Road.

Carriageway resurfacing

"04/12/2023 – 08/12/2023: From the junction of Amberey Road to the junction of Argyle Avenue.

"11/12/2023 – 20/12/2023: From the junction of Argyle Avenue to the end of Bournville.

"21/12/2023 – 22/12/2023: Reinstallation of road markings and drainage maintenance (full extent).

"Unfortunately, access out of the estate via Bournville Road will be heavily restricted. Traffic Marshalls will be in place for residents who require access to their property inside the closure."