A MAN from Uphill has published his first book detailing his and his wife's experiences cruising the UK's waterways.

Rob and Philippa Perryman travelled 1,300 miles through the country's scenic waterways from September 2020 until October 2021.

The couple called the narrowboat home until they found their dream home in Uphill through Escape to the Country, which was broadcast in February 2022.

Weston Mercury:  A Year On The Frog. A Year On The Frog. (Image: Rob Perryman)

The book, which has been published on Amazon, is called A Year On The Frog, aptly named considering that the boat was called Frog In A Bucket.

Weston Mercury: Frog In A BucketFrog In A Bucket (Image: Rob Perryman)The publication details the entire process, from Rob and Phillipa deciding to buy a boat through to their adventures.

The couple also captured crucial updates of their narrowboat experience on their YouTube channel, called Vlog from the Frog.

Part of the book's description reads: "If you are planning your own narrowboat odyssey, this book will help and give you an insight into what lies ahead. If you are already a boater you will love revisiting waterways you know well and learning about some you have yet to explore."