A MOTORIST caught speeding 15 times on the same road in just three and a half months has been allowed to keep his driving licence.

Daniel John Bennett amassed a total of 46 penalty points after he pleaded guilty to all 15 counts - nearly four times the total of 12 points that normally triggers a driving disqualification under the totting up scheme.

But magistrates sitting in North Somerset Magistrates' Court in Weston yesterday (Wednesday, November 8) decided not to impose a ban on Bennett, aged 46, of Purlewent Drive, Bath.

The offences were all committed on Lansdown Lane, Bath, between March 12 this year and June 28.

He was clocked doing between 28mph and 32mph in a 20mph zone.

He was handed three penalty points for 14 of the offences and four points for driving at 32mph.

Bennett was fined £769 and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £308 and a contribution of £95 towards prosecution costs - a total court bill of £1,172

But the magistrates told him he could continue driving due to the effect a ban would have on his family.