IN 2017, an adorable dog and her owner helped to raise money for the Poppy Appeal in a fun and creative way.

Former royal marine Phil Lloyd-Evans and his dog Lottie helped to sell reflective poppies for Remembrance Day.

Phil, the owner of the Wharfside Café in Uphill, kitted his dog out with a tunic covered in poppies which he then sold on behalf of the Poppy Appeal.

Speaking at the time, Phil said: “We were out on holiday when we discovered them and we just had to get one for Lottie.

“They were initially designed to go on children’s backpacks but they work great for dogs too.

“We will walk down Weston High Street and people would stop us to buy one. I will cover her tunic in them, go out and sell them and then put the money in our Poppy Appeal collection pot.”

The ex-marine had told the Weston Mercury he wanted to do "everything he could" to raise money for service people in need.

The Poppy Appeal helps to raise money and awareness for those who are currently in or have been in the Armed Forces. 

The Royal British Legion website reads: "We're here through thick and thin – ensuring their unique contribution is never forgotten. We've been here since 1921 and we'll be here as long as they need us."

Residents across town will be falling silent this Sunday (November 12) to honour those who have fallen.