A MOTORIST who failed to tell police who was driving a car suspected of committing an offence has been landed with a court bill of almost £1,400.

Simon Page, 43, of Gateway Grove, West Wick, Weston, who had previously admitted the offence, was sentenced at North Somerset Magistrates' Court yesterday (Monday, November 13).

The court was told he did not give information to the police in October 2021 relating to who was behind the wheel of the vehicle.

Page was fined £912 and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £365, along with a contribution of £100 towards the Crown Prosecution costs. His total court bill comes to £1,377.

He also received six penalty points on his driving licence.

A further charge of speeding at 26mpn in a 20mph zone in Maitlands, Weston, in September was withdrawn.