A WESTON balloon shop owner has been invited to help create a festive-themed winter wonderland out of 125,000 balloons this December.

Sam Chew, the owner of Partycraft Balloons in the coastal town, will be joining the world's best balloon artists in the Big Balloon Build to create a Christmas Wonderland in Guildford. The build week will take place between December 11 and December 15.

The money raised will be donated to multiple charities in the Surrey/Guildford area.

Weston Mercury: Over 125,000 balloons will be used.Over 125,000 balloons will be used. (Image: Sam Chew/Big Balloon Build)

Stuart Davies, director of the Big Balloon Build, said: “We have more than 50 world-class balloon artists traveling from ten different countries to help make a difference through the joy of balloons.

"It will be the biggest balloon installation to have even been done in the United Kingdom. This is the first time we will have worked to support multiple charities, which means a great deal to the Guildford community.”

The holiday-themed exhibit, which will be made out of biodegradable balloons, will be located in the sports centre of the Charterhouse School.

Sam set up Partycraft Balloons in 2011, having previously worked in his mother's shop.

Weston Mercury: The money raised will go to charity.The money raised will go to charity. (Image: Sam Chew)

Sam told the Weston Mercury: "I’m so excited to be chosen to be part of the Big Balloon Build team.

"Having been selected on previous builds I know that not only will I get the chance to build something truly magical but I get the opportunity to learn new skills and meet other talented professionals in my industry from the UK and around the world. 

"I was inspired to start my own balloon business by my Mum, who had one of the first balloons shops in the area.

"Whilst working with her I realised I loved how creative you can be with balloons and how much joy balloons can bring to people. The Big Balloon Build brings all of those aspects together so being part of it is a real privilege."

Gemar Balloons, a leading manufacturer of 100% bio-based rubber balloons, is donating all 125,000 balloons to the cause and PremiumConwin, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality balloon inflators and ecofriendly balloon accessories, will provide all equipment to inflate the Christmas Wonderland.