IT has been five years since a Worle primary school teacher and her family made it to the quarter finals of BBC Two's Family Cooking Showdown.

Priory Community School (PSCA) teacher Sharon Boneham and her team, which consisted of her daughter Emily and her brother Marcus, starred in the show in 2018.

The design and technology teacher and her family reached the quarter finals.

The show consisted of two teams of three family members competing in three challenges every week, which were judged by Michelin star chef Giorgio Locatelli and cookery teacher Rosemary Shrager.

The Boneham family's description, written on the BBC website during their time on the show, reads: "Single mum Sharon, a secondary school design and technology teacher, regularly has to juggle marking students' papers with cooking dinner, and admits this doesn’t always go to plan, with burnt roast vegetables on the menu on one occasion.

"Emily has recently rediscovered her passion for cooking after taking a nutrition module at school. She recalls baking bread and cooking with her mum when she was younger and has now started to enter competitions at school and locally. Sharon thinks Emily has a natural gift with cooking as whatever she throws in the pan always seems to come out perfect.

"The third member of the team is Sharon’s brother Marcus, a 42 year-old ground engineer and avid DIYer. Due to his partner’s dietary needs Marcus is adept at rustling up vegan and vegetarian dishes, but will still secretly eat meat when he’s round his mum’s house.

"He and his partner like to follow Ayurvedic cooking, a traditional Indian style with a focus on health."

Speaking at the time, Sharon said: “I have had a wonderful time on the show.

“I love teaching at Priory and am keen to share my passion for cookery with students across the school.

“It has been a massive challenge and fantastic experience.”