Barn conversions are surging post-Covid, following a threefold increase in conversion loans.

Heron Way Group's managing director, Martin Powell, revealed the surge at the South West Homebuilding & Renovating Show in Somerset.

Powell's company, which specialises in bespoke development finance, has dramatically increased its loans for barn conversions, from £200,000 prior to the pandemic up to £750,000.

"As a private lender which understands complex builds, we have seen a massive increase in funding barn conversions in the last couple of years," said Mr Powell.

“The pandemic period saw several lenders withdraw from the market or find themselves unable to instruct valuers whereas we could continue to offer a service as we do not use outside valuers for loan assessments or stage payments".

Weston Mercury: Heron Way Group increased its loans for barn conversions from £200,000 up to £750,000

Mr Powell, who brings over three decades of finance experience, paints the increase in barn conversions as a sign of the industry rebounding from the pandemic fall.

Citing the Longfield Barn conversion near Loxton, a project Mr Powell funded, he showcased the modern, confident renovation sitting in 2.5 acres of scenic natural beauty as an example of an innovative and sustainable conversion.

Mr Powell pointed out that the government play a huge role, explaining: "Things could be speeded up if the Government’s current consultation on relaxing planning permissions leads to easier and cheaper planning."

Heron Way Group will exhibit at the South West Homebuilding & Renovating Show, set from November 18-19 at the Bath & West Showground, Somerset.

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