CONCORDE will once again grace North Somerset’s skies this month – in the shape of an 11-foot-long model.

The radio-controlled model, which was built 10 years ago by Bruce McKay and Bob Blackmore, will take to the skies on Saturday, November 25 to mark the last flight of Concorde Alpha Foxtrot.

The Western World’s first and only supersonic airliner flew for the very last time in 2003, when it passed over North Somerset before touching down in Filton. It can now be found in a purpose-built hangar at the Aerospace Bristol museum.

The models’ creators, Bruce and Bob, were two members of the Woodspring Wings Model Aircraft Club. The model, which is powered by a Wren jet turbine engine, will fly over their 21-acre airfield on the outskirts of Yatton on the day.

Andy Johnson, of Liverpool, is the current owner of the model and will fly it on the day. Take off is scheduled for 2pm.

It will be joined by other aircraft models flown by members of the Woodspring Wings club.

Every year, the club holds an annual model aircraft show, an event which attracts thousands from the South West and beyond.

Next year’s event will be held on the weekend of July 6/7.