A new housing development at Weston's Mead Fields has not been received well by residents and readers of the Weston Mercury.

The planned construction by Backhouse, a prominent housebuilder, is aiming to build around 77 new homes.

However, residents find the local infrastructure inadequate to cater to the demands of an expanded community.

One local stated: "We need more doctors, dentists and a bigger hospital in Weston before new houses".

Another raised concerns about the strain such a development might put on an already overwhelmed healthcare system.

He expressed: "Hospital unable to cope, doctors over subscribed, traffic problems all the time because infrastructure is so bad, and yet still they keep building more and more houses."

Residents also offered some suggestions to the local council.

A local highlighted: "The council need to buy them put them up for council houses".

Another expressed further concern, adding: "Not another house should be built until the road infrastructure in and out of Weston is improved".

Weston Mercury: The planned construction by Backhouse, a prominent housebuilder, is aiming to build around 1,400

But some chose to find the funny side to the news, with one Weston resident quipping: "Right next to the M5, are they being sold to the deaf?!"

Backhouse has, however, pledged to prioritise the environment and community amenities in their construction plan.

Their commitment towards sustainability will see some homes fitted with solar panels, and the installation of electric vehicle charging points.

Despite this, a resident pointed out: "More unaffordable houses, just what we need!".

Another local tried to bring reason to the discussion: "Council has no control over the NHS so cant decline planning because of lack of dentists or A&E.

"New M5 junction will be the responsibility of the highways agency not the council".

With a touch of levity, one resident hinted that Weston’s name might soon change to "Bristol-super-Mare".