AN author from Weston-super-Mare has delved into the realm of fiction, and the first three books of his thrilling series have been met with overwhelming positivity, and even the possibility of a TV rendition.

Local writer Bill Diamond has been working on the Max-Catt series since the pandemic, but it's only in the past few months that he has began publishing the finalised editions of his new novels.

The series follows the protagonist, Max, who starts off in private school after being born with 'a silver spoon in his mouth'. 

He joins the military, but his journey is far from simple, as he ends up becoming a spy and top espionage agent after overcoming bullying and blackmail at school.

Bill says the series falls under the 'thriller' genre, but also features twists and turns, and romance.

“I like to show where he’s come from and how he got to where he was," Bill explained.

The first book in the series, 'The Beginning', has only been on shelves for three or four months, but the two following books have already been released, with plans to launch the fourth before the new year, and the fifth in due course.

So far, the books have received several five star reviews on Amazon, and Bill expressed his delight with the feedback - stating many people have become completely hooked on the series.

In fact, the Max-Catt series has been received so well that we could be seeing it on our TV screens in future.

"They were talking earlier about possible qualification for a TV series,” Bill said.

“I have great hopes that it will be taken up.

"It's got some great reviews."

Bill has 'always had an affinity with Weston', regularly visiting from his childhood home in Swindon, before moving to the town just over six years ago - Max even visits Weston in one of the books.

The three available Max-Catt books by Bill Diamond can be purchased on Amazon for £11 each.

For those who are already invested in the series, Bill aims to have the fourth book out within the next seven to ten days.