Ben Elton is heading back out on the road with his new live show Authentic Stupidity - and he is coming to Weston-Super-Mare.

The famed comedian's critically acclaimed tour of 2019, marking his return to the comedy scene after 15 years, was a rousing success selling out across the UK.

Now, after a five-year gap, the "godfather of modern stand-up" embarks on a new UK & Ireland tour.

Starting at York Barbican on September 1, the tour stretches across 54 dates before culminating in London's West End on November 18.

From York to Guildford to Liverpool, Elton is slated to perform in towns and cities all over the UK & Ireland, Weston-Super-Mare among them.

Ben Alton will play in the town's Playhouse on October 24.

Tickets are now on sale, having been made available on December 15.

Admission can be purchased via

Weston Mercury: Ben Alton will play in the town's Playhouse on October 24

The critics have given Ben Elton rave reviews for his stand-up, with the Daily Telegraph writing: "There is nothing, absolutely nothing, to beat Ben Elton live!".

While The Sunday Times noted: "Elton’s timing and phrasing remain impeccable, his structure is masterly", the Evening Standard added: "Vital, relevant and passionate".

In this new adventure, Mr Elton dissects the unsettling development of Artificial Intelligence, challenging the notion that it is the biggest threat facing humanity.

For the comedian, the real problem is what he calls Authentic Stupidity – the kind that is uniquely human.

Mr Elton expressed: "The verdict’s in, humanity is thick!

"We need signs to tell us to step off escalators, we elect gibbering fools to lead us and now we’ve invented Artificial Intelligence which is actually going to replace us!

"I’ve spent 45 years in comedy exploring the outer limits of human idiocy and my mission has never been more timely.

"Forget AI, it’s AS we need to be worrying about!"

Authentic Stupidity is the latest venture in a multi-award-winning career that spans over four decades.

Ben Elton's CV is rich with hits, from his ground-breaking Blackadder TV series to the hit West End musical We Will Rock You.

His work also includes popular novels like Stark, Dead Famous, and Two Brothers, as well as feature films including Maybe Baby, Three Summers, and All is True.