WESTON residents have been discussing their memories of Birnbeck Pier in the We Grew Up In Weston-super-Mare Facebook group.

After a photo was shared of the old pier from 1977, locals have been travelling down memory lane.

One resident said: "Lovely pic, I loved that pier, such a sad site today."

Another added: "I used to love walking up there. Happy memories."

A third said: "That was the year of the Victorian evenings. I used to drive a taxi up and down to transport the drunken revellers incapable of walking back to the mainland."

Weston Mercury: The photo is from 1977.The photo is from 1977. (Image: Nigel Boddington/We Grew Up In Weston-super-Mare)

Some residents have even shared their experiences of working on the pier: "I used to work as a waitress when the banquettes were held there.

"Also used to frequent the Bikers Bar too. Great times, lots of good memories."

Weston Mercury: Photo of the pier in July 2023.Photo of the pier in July 2023. (Image: Neil Marsh/Somerset Camera Club)

One commenter concluded: "My husband used to fish off the boat jetty in the mid 50's. Never caught much."