Avon Fire and Rescue Service (AF&RS) are calling on local residents to park their vehicles safely this Christmas.

The warning follows numerous instances of inconsiderate and dangerous parking across the region ahead of the festive period.

Prevention manager Nikki Rice expressed her concerns.

She said: "We all look forward to getting together with loved ones at Christmas time, but it's really important to consider the consequences of inconsiderate parking.

"For example, if you get somewhere and can't find somewhere to park, you might opt to leave your vehicle opposite another car, on a bend or on a 'keep clear' marking.

"This can seem like a harmless thing to do, but consider this, could a fire engine get through?"

Weston-based firefighters also voiced their apprehensions.

Crews from White Watch said: "Our nightmare is not being able to get to an emergency via the fastest route, and when people park and cause an obstruction, we have to spend precious seconds trying to get through.

"Please do not park dangerously this Christmas and if you are hosting, think about where your visitors will park.".

AF&RS advises that fire engines require at least two car-widths to manoeuvre and urges residents to report dangerous parking conditions.