NORTH Somerset motorists could be impacted by two National Highways road closures over the next couple weeks.

The roads will be closed for various reasons, ranging from resurfacing to barrier repairs.

The closures are expected to cause delays of under 10 minutes, but this could still impact your journey.

The following information has been taken from RADAR.

Road closures

• M5, from 8pm January 2 to 6am January 3, slight delays (under 10 minutes): M5 southbound, junction 19 lane closure for barrier repairs.

• M5, from 7pm January 8 to 6am January 13, slight delays (under 10 minutes): M5 northbound, junction 22 to 21 lane closures for resurfacing.

National Highways is responsible for maintaining motorways and major A-roads, so closures of smaller roads will not be included in their schedule.