Let's get acquainted with the dedicated team of the Donate For Defib Weston-Super-Mare Project.

Started at the tail-end of August 2023, barbershop owner, Dean Phillips, and customer, Josh Bell, decided to address the alarming lack of publicly accessible defibrillators.

The pair, having witnessed the dangerous consequences of this shortcoming right on their doorstep, swiftly turned their discourse into action.

Josh Bell and Tom Farrand now serve as the co-leading partners, overseeing the day-to-day operational decisions, securing the defibrillators, and continuously liaising with the team to propel the project forward.

The dynamic duo find great support in Christina Chell, who actively seeks grants and potential sponsorship.

This is in addition to organising CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and defibrillator training sessions with the Great Western Air Ambulance Charity (GWAAC) and the HeartStarters team.

Ensuring the provision of sufficient volunteering hands to power the project, Liz Bell, the project’s volunteering lead, sees to the influx of volunteers, effectively placing them in roles that best suit them.

Weston Mercury: Meet the Donate For Defib team in WestonMeet the Donate For Defib team in Weston (Image: Donate For Defib)

The responsibility to maintain the installation of the defibrillators falls to John Bell, the maintenance contracting lead.

He serves as the bridge between the team and the installers, Aardvark AVO Electricians, communicating any questions or issues that may arise during the installations.

Capturing the Donate for Defib project’s online presence, Jay Issac, a level 3 sports media student, passionately runs the project's website and social media outlets, keeping the public informed via X - formerly known as Twitter - and Instagram.

Promoting the project externally, lead corporate ambassador Peter Elston, works alongside Mr Bell and also serves as the Project's official professional photographer, documenting the team’s various events and meetings.

Adding professional credibility to the project, Prof. Graham Stuart, a consultant cardiologist, was welcomed to the team in December 2023.

As the project's clinical lead ambassador, he offers important clinical insight, and latest research to further inform the project's work.

Aiding in the project physically, Matt and Dan, from Aardvark AVO Electricians, generously contribute their expertise by installing the defibrillators.

The future appears bright for the project, with further CPR training, defibrillator installations, and fundraising events - including a half marathon by Farrand - slated for 2024.

If you're interested in supporting or joining the Donate For Defib Weston-Super-Mare Project, visit their website at www.donatefordefibwsm.co.uk or email the team at donatefordefib.wsm@gmail.com.