WESTON residents have been discussing their memories of Ashcombe House Maternity Hospital.

A photo of the building was shared in the We Grew Up In Weston-super-Mare Facebook page, and, from the comments, it seems that many Weston residents were born there or had their children there.

One commenter said that they would not have wanted to have their children anywhere else: "I had both my son and daughter there, now 58 & 60 years old.

"I would not have wanted to go anywhere else."

Another added: "I had my two boys there, what a fantastic maternity home it was."

Echoing this, someone else said: "1964. Went back there in 1986 with my eldest. Loved that hospital."

One person has said that having a baby in the past is nothing like today: "We had a 10 day rest in those days after our babies were born, not like today, you’ve had your baby, now get on with looking after them."