IN 2015, part of Weston's historic Birnbeck Pier collapsed during Storm Frank.

Part of the pier’s north jetty was unable to sustain the strong winds and heavy rainfall caused by the storm and fell into the sea during the early hours of December 30.

News of the jetty’s collapse spread rapidly around the town and while many people were upset, several called on the structure’s owners, CNM Estates, to carry out urgent repair works.

Many people turned to the town's Streetlife group to vent their frustration and call for change.

Speaking at the time, David Y said: “(The jetty’s collapse is) no surprise, sad to say.

“Unless a miracle happens it may well go the same way as the West Pier in Brighton. It was the first grade I-listed pier in Britain and we had to watch its slow disintegration into a few pieces of burnt twisted metal over 35 years as rescue plan after rescue plan failed to happen.

“Birnbeck has an advantage in that it has the island at the far end and is still rescuable.”

Brian J added: “I suppose some of us are lucky in as much as we can remember Birnbeck Pier in a reasonable condition (with the) lifeboat, amusements, café and paddle steamers.

“Times change and we need to move on, but it is still a shame to see such a nice area look so run-down.”

The Birnbeck Regeneration Trust had said that the jetty’s collapse would not hinder its long-term plan to restore the pier to its former glory.

In 2023, Birnbeck Pier was purchased by North Somerset Council.