A charity in the South East which works with hospitals to provide high quality treatment to patients is looking to fill three job vacancies.

The Bristol and Weston Hospitals Charity is seeking a chair and two trustees to support its mission of enhancing patients’ experiences.

The chair's primary responsibility is to lead the board of trustees, coordinate the board’s agenda and empower trustees to fully partake in shaping the charity's strategy.

Besides supporting the CEO, the chair is also entrusted to hold them accountable for delivering the charity’s goals.

Building and maintaining strong relationships with the charity’s constituencies and stakeholders is also an integral part of the chair's duties.

Candidates interested in the chair role must exhibit highly developed interpersonal and communication abilities.

They should demonstrate experience in board or committee positions, boast strong business and financial acumen, and be adept at resolving strategic issues.

A proven leadership record and a strong commitment to the charity’s ethos are also essential.

Trustees carry the responsibility for the appropriate oversight, governance and leadership of the charity.

They ensure that the charity is effectively managed and adheres to all financial and legal compliance regulations.

Trustees play a vital role in guiding the organisation’s direction by defining aims, establishing targets and assessing performance.

For the trustee roles, the charity is interested in individuals with strategic vision, good judgment and demonstrable integrity.

Potential candidates should be committed to the organisational values and ideally possess expertise in areas such as law, finance, fundraising, or marketing.

Committed to uplifting hospital patients in partnership with University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust (UHBW), the charity plays a pivotal role in transforming the health journeys of patients.

It supports the progression of new treatments, finances advanced technology, and encourages international research.

The Charity cooperates with ten NHS hospitals across Bristol City Centre, South Bristol and Weston-Super-Mare.

This collaboration ensures every patient enjoys access to outstanding treatment.

The Charity operates on a stringent set of guidelines, providing a series of promises to patients and supporters.

The promises include funding small yet significant items, establishing healing environments that respect patients' dignity, championing equality, and supporting world-leading technologies, treatments, as well as research.