WESTON locals have been sharing their memories of the town in the We Grew Up In Weston-super-Mare Facebook group.

Group members have been posting photos of Grove Park, The Grand Pier and even damage caused by a flood in Uphill in the 1980s.

Weston Mercury: Photograph of Grove Park.Photograph of Grove Park. (Image: Farrell Fox/We Grew Up In Weston-super-Mare)Commenting underneath the Grove Park photograph, one commenter said: "These photographs remind us that Weston was once an elegant and beautiful town."

Weston Mercury: Many residents remember swimming here.Many residents remember swimming here. (Image: Dave Hussey/We Grew Up In Weston-super-Mare)

Weston Mercury: Flood damage at Uphill in 1981.Flood damage at Uphill in 1981. (Image: Nigel Boddington/We Grew Up In Weston-super-Mare)

Speaking about the flood damage photo, one local said: "Just be sure when buying or building a home, you make certain it is free from ANY danger of flooding."

Anther added: "That was my grandparents house the white one. My dad and my uncle had to pinch a rowing boat from the boat yard to go over and rescue them. I think it took nine months to have it repaired before they could move back in."

Users should only post photos that they have full ownership of.