LABOUR-led Weston Town Council has voted to increase council tax to "usher in Weston’s desperately needed economic recovery.”

In a budget meeting held on January 22, it was voted to increase the precept levels, which is the tax the town council asks North Somerset Council to raise, by 6.39% on the previous year.

This equates to £117.58 for the average Band D property. In effect, this is just 32p a day, or around £2.26 a week.

£25,000 will go towards Citizens Advice North Somerset to allow the charity to remain in The Sovereign long-term. The charity offers everything from financial advice to legal guidance.

The organisation's website reads: "We are one of the country’s most progressive and dynamic advice services. Operating from drop in advice centre, dedicated telephone advice and a range of outreach locations, employing approximately 55 paid staff supported by 43 volunteers."

Additionally, £10,000 will go towards making the seaside town a cleaner place, which could draw in more visitors and encourage residents to take pride in where they live. The money will help volunteers tackle areas in need of a clean-up, including the seafront.

The council also voted to receive £700,000 in government funding to secure the future of South Road's Old Town Quarry. Later this year, the town council will formally adopt the premises.

Alan Peak, Labour council leader, said: “Finances have been very difficult for many households in recent years due to the cost-of-living crisis and huge inflationary increases which hurts everyone from mortgages to filling-up at the pump.

“I’m very pleased to say that this budget has enabled the council to not only protect our services for the town’s struggling residents, but will also usher in Weston’s desperately needed economic recovery.

"Now with this generous funding under our belt, we can energise new life into the quarry and again see residents enjoying this beautiful space very soon.”

Posting on Facebook, Cllr Catherine Gibbons, Labour councillor for Milton, said: "All for less than the price of a cup of coffee a week, Labour-led Weston Town Council agreed to actions that support Weston’s economic recovery and really improve the lives of our residents."