IN 2016, staff and students at Weston College repaired a race car which was damaged in a crash at Silverstone.

Tom Seward’s car, a Van Diemen RF02 race car which was sponsored by the college in Weston-super-Mare, was sandwiched between two cars after a driver attempted to overtake on a bend in November the year prior.

Tom Steward was part of Roger Orgee Racing.

The car’s front panel and suspension arms were repaired. Students from the college's motorsport course were given the chance to work on the car in the workshop.

Speaking at the time, Mr Orgee said: “The college’s support has been wonderful, making a tremendous difference to the track readiness of our Van Diemen race car.”

Weston College prides itself on giving its students first-hand experience.

The college's website reads: "We put the learner first and are entrepreneurial in our approach and innovative in our thinking. As a college, we are ambitious and aspirational and are responsive to the needs of students, staff, businesses, and the community."