A VISUALLY impaired Weston musician has raised £21,569 for a sight loss charity.

Dan Roberts has been fundraising since 2019. During his live gigs, he encourages residents to donate, as well as put forward suggestions on what to name guide dog puppies.

He takes inspiration from his own guide dog, called Luna, who he describes as a "truly life changing blessing."

Dan said: “I've been registered as blind since 2004. I was partnered with guide dog Luna in 2019. She's so lovely, clever and amazing, a truly life changing blessing - I felt like I wanted to support Guide Dogs in a practical way out of gratitude.

“The guests who wish to take part write their name, number and puppy name choice in my book. At the end of the year, my kids draw the winning names and I contact the winners to share photo of the puppy that they named - along with all the details.

“Through our campaign, we have been able to give eight new guide dog puppies their names, seven of which have been names chosen by the winners of our yearly 'name a guide dog puppy draw'.

“We have heard many dozens of lovely heartfelt stories regarding why people are donating, and why they are choosing particular names to go in the draw. Many stories of lost loved ones and greatly missed pets.”

With the help of his audience, the singer has so far named eight dogs, called Pancho, Star, Trixie, Sinbad, Ace, Chrisy, Bonnie and Bailey.

Dan added: “I couldn't do any of this without their help, my wife Lynsey, our kids Mina and Loki (and Luna of course).

“My wife is my manager and organises absolutely everything. She really deserves a huge degree of credit for everything behind the scenes.”

Krissie Isaac, community fundraising manager at Guide Dogs, said: “As a charity, we are incredibly grateful for the support from our local community. Our Name a Puppy scheme is a wonderful opportunity to be at the heart of a guide dog puppy's story.

"We hope that all the pups that Dan has kindly named will go on to change someone’s life.”