The Donate For Defib Weston-super-Mare Project team organised a CPR and defibrillator training session for 49 Social Club members.

The session took place at the club on Baker's Street on January 31 at 6.30pm.

It was run by the project's senior management Team and Simon Brookes, a Great Western Heart Starter with experience running a similar project in Bristol.

The goal of the training session was to educate the public on performing effective CPR and using a defibrillator.

The curriculum consisted of both theory and practice, with a video demonstration of CPR in action, and hands-on training for club members to apply what they had learned.

As part of the instruction, Mr Brookes also discussed and demonstrated how to put a casualty into the recovery position.

Weston Mercury: The session took place at the 49 SocialClub on Baker's Street on January 31 at 6.30pm

The 49 Social Club has recently purchased a publicly accessible defibrillator through fundraising events.

The device is waiting to be installed by the electrical team.

The club has continued its fundraising efforts to aid Boro Sports Club in acquiring a similar life-saving device.

Members of the Donate For Defib Weston-super-Mare Project team, including co-founders Josh Bell and Tom Farrand, secretary Christina Chell, and maintenance contracting lead John Bell, were in attendance.

They joined in to help with the training and answer any questions from participants, as well as to raise awareness about their ongoing work.

Special appreciation was extended to Mr Brookes for his informative lecture and to the 49 Social Club for providing their function room for the session.