WESTON Town Council has shared the results of its Christmas lights survey.

In total, 157 residents put forward their ideas for the festive season.

Here's some of the key findings


  • Many residents said that Christmas lights are a significant part of the festive experience. The lights received an average importance rating of 8.3 out of 10;
  • Traditional light displays are a firm favourite amongst 72.15 per cent of respondents;
  • Popular colour schemes include multi-coloured, white, and seaside-themed colours;
  • 94.9 per cent of respondents emphasised the need for energy-efficient and eco-friendly lights;
  • More than 60 per cent of respondents expressed an interest in interactive or animated displays;
  • Most residents want to see more events such as fireworks, Christmas markets, and concerts during the light switch-on;
  • 71.53 per cent of people said that incorporating local artwork is important;
  • 87.33 per cent of people said that the public Christmas tree should remain a cherished tradition. Real trees are preferred and traditional locations for displays, such as the Italian Gardens, should be maintained. Some adjustments, like reducing the wind impact on the tree, were suggested.

In the coming months, the town council will start looking for a supplier for the Christmas lights.